Add Specific Users to a Group
Create a Department Phone List
Perform a Search Using Alternate Credentials
Search for a SAM Account Name
Search for All Groups in Active Directory
Search for All Non-User Accounts
Search for All Users in Active Directory
Search for All Users That Have a Phone Number
Search for All Users Using an LDAP Query
Search for Attributes in the Global Catalog
Search for Computers Running Windows 2003
Search for Global Security Groups
Search for Multiple Attributes
Search for User Accounts That Have Been Disabled
Search for User Phone Numbers Beginning with 425
Search for Users Accounts That are Locked Out
Search for Users in a Specific Department
Search for Users in One of Two Departments
Search for Users Not in a Specific Department
Search For Users with Non-Expiring Passwords
Search for Users Without a Phone Number
Sort a Recordset by User Name
Use a Search to Modify Objects
Use a Wildcard in a SQL Query
Use an LDAP OR Filter in a Search

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