Add a New Record to a Table
Clear a Database Table
Connect to a SQL Server Database
Connect to an ADO Database
Create a JET Database
Create a Table in a JET Database
Delete a Record from a Recordset
Delete Multiple Records from a Table
List Basic Statistics Derived from a Recordset
List the Number of Records in a Recordset
List the Top 25 Records in a Recordset
List Unique Records in a Recordset
Open a Database Using a DSN
Open Two Recordsets
Save a Recordset in XML format
Search a Database Using a LIKE Query
Search a Database Using Numeric Criteria
Search a Database Using Variable Criteria
Search for a Record in a Recordset
Searching a Database Using String Criteria
Sort a Recordset
Sort a Recordset on Multiple Fields
Update a Record in a Recordset
Update Multiple Records in a Recordset

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