Vbsedit includes all these samples. Try it now!

Copy a File
Copy a Set of Files
Create a Custom Document Property
Delete a Custom Document Property
Delete a File
Delete All Files in a Folder
List a Specific Set of Files
List All the Files in a Folder
List All the Files on a Computer
List Detailed Summary Information for a File
List File Attributes
List File Properties
List File Properties
List File Version Information
List Files Using an Asynchronous Query
List Summary Information for a Set of Files
Modify a Custom Document Property
Modify Document Property Information
Modify File Attributes
Modify File Extensions
Monitor File Creation
Monitor File Deletion
Monitor File Modification
Move a File
Move a Set of Files
Move Files
Parse a Path Name
Perform Actions on Files
Rename a File
Rename Files
Retrieving Document Property Information
Retrieving Extended File Properties
Search for Files Using a Wildcard Query
Verify that a File Exists

VbsEdit includes all these samples!

This package includes VbsEdit 32-bit, VbsEdit 64-bit, HtaEdit 32-bit and HtaEdit 64-bit.
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