Vbsedit includes all these samples. Try it now!

Add a Formatted Table to a Word Document
Add a Table to a Word Document
Add Formatted Text to a Word Document
Append Text to a Word Document
Apply a Style to a Table in a Word Document
Create a New Word Document
Create and Save a Word Document
Display Service Information in a Word Document
List Microsoft Word Properties
Modify Bookmark Text in a Word Document
Open and Print a Word Document
Read a Bookmark in a Word Document
Use Word to Search for Files
Quit Microsoft Word Without Saving the Document
Determine the Version of Microsoft Word Installed on a Computer
Save a Microsoft Word Document as an HTML File
Format Paragraphs in Microsoft Word
Add a Picture to a Microsoft Word Document

VbsEdit includes all these samples!

This package includes VbsEdit 32-bit, VbsEdit 64-bit, HtaEdit 32-bit and HtaEdit 64-bit.
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