Add an Extension File
Back Up the Metabase Using a Password
Delete a Backup
Delete an Extension File Record
Disable a Web Service Extension
Disable an Extension File
Enable a Web Service Extension
Enable an Extension File
Enumerating History Files
Enumerating IIsObject Class Instances -- WMI
Export a Section of the Metabase
Import a Metabase Section
List Access Control Entries
List Access Control Information
List Backup Files
List Computer Setting Information
List Extension Files
List IIsObjectSetting Class Instances
List IP Security Setting Information
List MIME Maps
List MIME Type Properties
List Script Maps
List Secure Bindings
List Server Bindings
List the IIS Computer Name
List the Web Service Extension Restriction List
List Web Server MIME Maps
List Web Service Extension Restrictions
List Web Service Extensions
Modify Local Computer Properties
Restore a History File
Restore the Metabase Using a Password
Save a History File
Verify Edit While Running Property Value
Verify IIS Isolation Mode
Verify the IIS Server Version

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